tape recorder

with recordings
of songs
by the band
So, if I was only allowed to bring one thing with me on this awesome colonization, I wouldn't hesitate to choose a tape recorder with recordings of songs by the band Queen.
Friends, imagine a mysterious planet full of aliens with strange dance moves.
Queen is a legendary band known for their unique sound, powerful lyrics, and ability to convey emotion through their music.
Their songs overflow with energy, passion and stories that can inspire, motivate and give strength in difficult moments. A tape recorder with Queen songs will not only serve as a source of entertainment, but will also have a therapeutic effect on the psychological well-being of the colonists.
First of all, you should know that the aliens are very fond of singing and moving to the beat of the music.
or will it be something like salsa, who knows?
Either way, I’m ready for anything!
As soon as I turn on the tape recorder and the song «Bohemian Rhapsody» starts, I want to see alien eyes widening with surprise and legs that suddenly start salsa dancing…
The beautiful thing about this whole story is that music creates a connection between humans (or in this case, intergalactic beings).
Thanks to Queen’s recordings, we can make contact with alien civilizations and create a new form of communication and understanding.
Who knows, maybe through the songs «Under Pressure» and «Radio Ga Ga Ga» we can build our first friendly intergalactic coalition?
Party on,
Let's go
to colonize
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Don’t forget to bring along a dose of humor, creativity and, of course, Queen music to ignite alien life with your magic and rock 'n' roll!
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